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Water Features

With ponds and ornamental systems we can supply and fit the following:

  • Wide range of filtration systems with or without a vortex, gravity or pump fed.

  • Ultra violet lamps.

  • Vegetable filters.

  • Surface or submersible pumps.

  • Variety of water plants to suit every feature.

  • We can construct any waterfall from a man water-worn Irish rock or Purbeck stone. We also supply and fit surface and underwater lighting to tranquil and spectacular effect.


We can construct ponds using the butyl liner system, which have an underlay and sand layer beneath brick and liner, concrete made interlocking system to Victoria Falls! We use a variety of natural stone and rocks i.e. natural and render.

Running water in the right setting creates a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in any garden, large or small.


New Horizon Horticultural Services are water feature experts. We can install every range of water feature to suit every taste from:

  • Small bubbling pebble pool feature to giant drilled natural monolith stones.

  • Small ornamental ponds to spectacular koi carp features.

  • Small natural pools.

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