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Our results speak for themselves

We have undertaken innumerable projects for domestic and commercial customers throughout Northumbria. Here are just a few examples of what we are able to achieve. Click on each image to find out more or visit our Facebook page for more examples of our most recent projects.

George Washington Golf Club Drainage Project

This large project involved the installation of 3600m of drainage into the driving range at the George Washington Golf Club. The work consisted of the installation of two large herringbone systems which were tied into a nearby open ditch for optimum drainage potential. Firstly all main drains were dug using a 6 ton digger and all lateral trenches were cut using a tractor mounted trencher. In total 350 tons of soil and clay were removed, next all piping was placed into the trenches and connected up, then all trenches were filled with 20mm gravel and topped off with sharp sand and topsoil. Finally all trenches were compacted and topped up where needed.

Large back garden, Washington Village

This very large project took a month to complete. Once the house had finished being renovated as you can see the garden was left like a bomb site! The plan was to terrace the site using sandstone from the pile that was left from the building work on the house. A patio was laid, a trampoline was sunken into the ground on the top terrace, sandstone walls were constructed with large formal steps with lighting and the areas to be lawn were levelled using sleeper retainers then turf laid.

Large front garden, Washington Village

From the same property as the last project, the front garden was also left a mess and in need of a lot of work, the plan was to terrace this garden by building a large retaining wall and steps also using the left over stone from the builders. once the garden was cleared the area was levelled, all walling was built and paving laid, we had to get rid of some monster stumps which were left ( Seriously hard graft!! ) the areas were prepared for turf, rockeries installed and finally the turf laid.

Wallace House Care Home, Dunston

This was a large project started in February 2014. The care home grounds were unkempt and unusable due to poor drainage and bad access. The design brief was to create gardens that were easily accessible with seating and planted areas for the elderly residents.


The design had two separate areas connected by paving, the first area had raised planters installed for vegetables, flowers and sensory planting, a large seating area and a pergola, the second area had a gazebo constructed for privacy, water feature and two seating areas. Once the hard landscaping was finished the area was turfed and plant pots were put in place.


Terraced garden with large retaining walls and gravel driveway

Lady Park, Lamesley

This is a large project which consisted of a complete redesign of the garden. The main bulk of the work was terracing of the garden with formal steps from a newly constructed patio area up to a new 500m2 seeded lawn. A large gravel driveway was installed along with two stone pillars for electric gate posts.


A back yard transformation in Jesmond involved demolition and removal of an underused garage, paving and turfing the area and adding raised sleeper beds to make it a much more family friendly garden.


This was a large garden in Bournmoor which the owners wanted to be fairly low maintenance.  It was done in a Mediterranean style using large areas of paving and gravel with vertical sleepers used as a feature to define the boundary.

George Washington Golf Course

This was a very special commission to build a commemoration bridge for a member of the Golf Club.


The water had to be diverted to enable us to build the bridge then a pipe was installed followed by the construction of 1.2m thick block and concrete retainer walls. Next, the sandstone walling was  constructed, York stone coping laid and finally the sandstone path laid inside the bridge and an inscription stone at one end.